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Global Career Development Facilitator
Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)

Global Career Development Facilitator

GCDFs help people meet career goals by providing career facilitation and guidance. GCDFs work alongside professionals with more extensive training in government employment agencies, schools, universities, corporate human resources departments, private consultancy firms, and many other settings.

GCDFs complete at least 120 hours of training based on a curriculum infused with general and country-specific activities. Additionally, GCDFs must demonstrate that they engage in continuing education activities to remain abreast of current information in the career development field.

CCE promotes country-specific certification as a valid index of quality.The countries listed at left have established GCDF certification programs - each with customized knowledge to assure competence in that particular country.

Program Development

If the country in which you would like to practice is not represented in the list above, a GCDF program has not been developed for that country. For more information on how to develop a program, please see the Program development page.

From time to time, institutions of higher learning and/or private organizations approach CCE in the interest of establishing a country level GCDF training program. CCE has established standards for these partners as a means to assure the integrity of GCDF certification. To learn more, please see the Program development page.