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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Brook Hilleary Indianapolis, IN 1488 DCC
Anita Ridolfo Zionsville, IN 298 DCC
Keith Puffer Marion, IN 523 DCC
Sara Hardy Bloomington, IN 982 DCC
Phillips Hwang Indianapolis, IN 1500 DCC
Nicole Burgess Indianapolis, IN 1796 DCC
Danny Brown Noblesville, IN 1620 DCC
Marianne Kelly Knoxd, IN 2064 DCC
Marilyn Verbiscer St John, IN 2071 DCC
Wendy Galyen Brownsburg, IN 2287 DCC
Marlene McGrady Marion, IN 2313 DCC
Pamela Cotton Clarksville, IN 119 BCC
Deirdre Burton Indianapolis, IN 347 BCC
Jane Munk Fort Wayne, IN 735 BCC
Al Garcia Merrillville, IN 776 BCC
Sara Hardy Bloomington, IN 816 BCC
Carol Filkins Indianapolis, IN 872 BCC
Aaron Gardner Indianapolis, IN 1005 BCC
Alexine Smith Indianapolis, IN 1114 BCC
Anita Ridolfo Zionsville, IN 1180 BCC
Jan Judd Avon, IN 1279 BCC
Julia Cummings Lafayette, IN 1316 BCC
Robert Meyers Indianapolis, IN 1415 BCC
Thomas Searcy Mishawaka, IN 1531 BCC
Heath Lisenby Fort Wayne, IN 1912 BCC
Richard Shively Elkhart, IN 1952 BCC
Lisa Hicks Indianapolis, IN 2048 BCC
Bonnie Maitlen Portland, IN 2388 BCC
Tina Antrim Fort Wayne , IN 2799 BCC
Andrew Carey Indianapolis , IN 2844 BCC
Amanda Hill Noblesville, IN 3396 BCC
Brandi Smith Bloomington, IN 3434 BCC
Andrew Dix Indianapolis, IN 3583 BCC
Jacqueline Stancil Marion, IN 3644 BCC
Robert Hoffman Avon, IN 3664 BCC
Karl Lyon Indianapolis, IN 195 ACS
Karis Klassen Indianapolis, IN 365 ACS
Nancy Forsythe Richmond, IN 458 ACS
Unchana Thamasak Zionsville, IN 642 ACS
Alexine Smith Indianapolis, IN 782 ACS
Joseph Campbell South Bend, IN 1801 ACS
Ryan Mosier Indianapolis, IN 2047 ACS
Maureen McCrae Indianapolis, IN 2148 ACS
Dale Wayman Noblesville, IN 2732 ACS
Paul Hoard Warsaw, IN 2966 ACS
Stacey Kinsey Valparaiso, IN 284 HSBCP
Melissa James Fort Wayne, IN 6356 HSBCP
Teresa King Rockville, IN 2487 HSBCP
Kirsten Ward Camby, IN 2515 HSBCP
Jacquelyn Black Greenwood, IN 2527 HSBCP
Anne McLaughlin Bloomington, IN 4983 HSBCP
Kelly Hunt Columbus, IN 2529 HSBCP
Jill Herbst Attica, IN 2555 HSBCP
Samantha Emrick Orland, IN 2601 HSBCP
Margo Wortman Marion, IN 2690 HSBCP
Rachel Havrick South Bend, IN 2670 HSBCP
Jennifer Adams Bremen, IN 2672 HSBCP
Teresea Higham Columbus, IN 2706 HSBCP
Teresa Somerlot Moores Hill, IN 2730 HSBCP
Jessica Mullins Brookville, IN 5604 HSBCP
Danielle Brinson Harmony, IN 2742 HSBCP
Megan Caruthers Fort Wayne, IN 2802 HSBCP
Victoria Hyatt Fort Wayne, IN 2821 HSBCP
Veronica Love Ft Wayne, IN 2845 HSBCP
Michelle Tonner Montpelier, IN 2847 HSBCP
Staci Markovski Valparaiso, IN 2902 HSBCP
Melissa Saylor Michigan City, IN 2904 HSBCP
Jill Armstrong Greenwood, IN 3449 HSBCP
Nicole Kosinski Goodland, IN 6076 HSBCP
Angela Balderas South Bend, IN 3409 HSBCP
Jeffrey Hicks Milton, IN 3503 HSBCP
Cheryl Pepple Dillsboro, IN 3453 HSBCP
Bradley Davis Kokomo, IN 3472 HSBCP
Shonnatha Gant Indianapolis, IN 3514 HSBCP
Jamie Hunt Brownsburg, IN 3539 HSBCP
Heather Parks Plainfield, IN 3552 HSBCP
Kinn Reagan Terre Haute, IN 5385 HSBCP
Marie Johnson Evansville, IN 5398 HSBCP
Lauren Brown Columbia City, IN 3674 HSBCP
Alyssa Stalter Fort Wayne, IN 3688 HSBCP
Monica Franco Hammond , IN 3713 HSBCP
Natalie Harshbarger Michigantown, IN 3902 HSBCP
Caitlin Roof Spencer, IN 4713 HSBCP
Elizabeth Batka Greenfield, IN 4715 HSBCP
Bonnie Rodman Bloomington, IN 4204 HSBCP
Laura Janssen Fort Wayne, IN 5925 HSBCP
Gayle Sherman Kokomo, IN 6034 HSBCP
Charles Lawson Indianaplois, IN 5162 HSBCP
Carla Sallee Indianapolis, IN 5251 HSBCP
Rachel Allen Indianapolis, IN 4761 HSBCP
Jesi Sheldon Indianapolis, IN 4805 HSBCP
Heather Brown Columbia City, IN 4279 HSBCP
Jessica Nowicki South Bend, IN 4170 HSBCP
Sally Martin Muncie, IN 4256 HSBCP
Jessica Rossiter Muncie, IN 4257 HSBCP
Sandy Owens Madison, IN 5853 HSBCP
Priscilla McGrew North Vernon, IN 4825 HSBCP
Mary Garvey Franklin, IN 4591 HSBCP
Andrea Hunt Ft Wayne, IN 4864 HSBCP
Janet Rhodes-Carlson Lafayette, IN 4602 HSBCP
Joyce Micon West Lafayette, IN 4604 HSBCP
Jessica Arnholt Columbus, IN 6239 HSBCP
Lisa Connolly Bloomington, IN 3768 HSBCP
Jennifer Baldwin Commiskey, IN 3805 HSBCP
Kortney Brouwer South Bend, IN 3834 HSBCP
Phyllis Schreiner-Tata Fort Wayne, IN 575 HSBCP
Jana Clark Fort Wayne, IN 3113 HSBCP
Janell Warkentin Bristol, IN 3181 HSBCP
Heather Chester Fort Wayne, IN 3202 HSBCP
Albert Barnes Plainfield, IN 3240 HSBCP
Angela Stahlhut Fort Wayne, IN 3220 HSBCP
Tabitha Lowery Indianapolis, IN 5567 HSBCP
Elaine Tingle Lawrenceburg, IN 2630 HSBCP
Yveline Hulse Michigan City, IN 1562 HSBCP
Deborah Hampton Aurora, IN 3009 HSBCP
Crescendo Lobdell Gary, IN 912 HSBCP
Linda Wark Ft Wayne, IN 9 HSBCP
Katrina Norris Richmond, IN 4674 HSBCP
August Paulson Evansville, IN 4237 HSBCP
Cheveria Minor Indianapolis, IN 316 HSBCP
Paula Spivey Jasper, IN 320 HSBCP
Sarah Hannan Yorktown, IN 5907 HSBCP
Donald Spears Valparaiso , IN 2391 HSBCP
Brandie Fitch Shipshewana , IN 2440 HSBCP
Emily Mock Fort Wayne, IN 6377 HSBCP
Elissa Affeld La Porte, IN 5123 HSBCP
Benjamin Reusser Fort Wayne, IN 5148 HSBCP
Kelly Weaver Fort Wayne, IN 6351 HSBCP
Cari Reiley Berne, IN 2588 HSBCP
Kerri Halsey Valparaiso, IN 2582 HSBCP
Alicia Aguilar Kokomo, IN 2608 HSBCP
Dayna Bounprasay Mishawaka, IN 5602 HSBCP
Brittni Tubbs Indianapolis, IN 2837 HSBCP
Andrea Schnepp Huntington, IN 4105 HSBCP
Eva Hodges South Bend, IN 5184 HSBCP
Kristina Gochenour Lafayette, IN 4746 HSBCP
Nicole Heiliger Elkhart, IN 5668 HSBCP
Janet Tilley Cloverdale, IN 4666 HSBCP
Samantha Williams Fort Wayne, IN 3212 HSBCP
David Cousert Evansville, IN 1377 HSBCP
Kristin Chandler Troy, IN 4122 HSBCP
Kelli Stoner Plymouth, IN 2359 HSBCP
Carol Atha Fremont, IN 6292 HSBCP
James Evans Carmel, IN 9987 GCDF
Lisa Martin Brownsburg, IN 10787 GCDF
Karen Yancey New Castle, IN 14442 GCDF
April Long Westfield, IN 8321 GCDF
Latrice Watson Indianapolis, IN 15971 GCDF
Cynthia Coleman Indianapolis, IN 15972 GCDF
Yunshan Zhao Bloomington, IN 16207 GCDF
Stacie Jeffirs South Bend, IN 15382 GCDF
Mary Pouch Indianapolis, IN 15427 GCDF
Emili Bennett Granger, IN 14336 GCDF
Mia Kelsaw Fort Wayne, IN 14452 GCDF
Erin Bruce Bloomington, IN 14590 GCDF
Lauren Little Bloomington, IN 13797 GCDF
Joseph Milam Kokomo, IN 13872 GCDF
Marnie McLeod Alexandria, IN 4305 GCDF
Julie Roberts Fishers, IN 14023 GCDF
Gregory Maynard Muncie, IN 12246 GCDF
Jessica Kleffman Indianapolis, IN 12965 GCDF
Alvin Garcia Merrillville, IN 13003 GCDF
Marie Haraburda Spencer, IN 13234 GCDF
Jennifer Sery Columbia City, IN 11713 GCDF
Romona Camarata Indianapolis, IN 2911 GCDF
Scott Borah Greenfield, IN 954 GCDF

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