Exam Appeals

Candidates can appeal test results for the following reasons

  1. Test administration issues including but not limited to room temperature, distractions, improper seating, lighting, or technical issues with computer equipment or Internet connection;
  2. Improper ADA accommodations;
  3. Registration and application errors;
  4. Proctoring errors;
  5. Examination content. Please note, examinees must report test administration issues to the site administrator/proctor immediately. CCE and its affiliates must confirm the documented issue in order to take any action on behalf of the examinee.

To appeal administration errors, examinees must provide detailed, clear and concise descriptions of the issue under appeal (e.g., room temperature as it reads on a thermostat, wording of error messages on the computer screen). Failure to provide adequate detail will significantly delay the investigation or may invalidate the appeal.

To appeal examination content, examinees must provide in writing the wording of the item in question and primary source data to support the appeal. Primary source data comes from the pool of knowledge generally acknowledged by counseling professionals (e.g., commonly referenced research or textbooks). Failure to provide sufficient information for identifying the item in question or lack of primary source data will invalidate the content appeal.

Appeals must be filed within one week of the examination to appeal@cce-global.org. CCE will confirm that the appeal was received within one business day. Appeals made by telephone or to other e-mail addresses will not be considered. Examinees should include their full legal name, NBCC/CCE ID number, Pearson ID, test date and testing center location. Appeals without proper identification information will not be considered.

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