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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Billy Ray Potterbaum Elgin, IL 164 HSBCP
Dawn Munson Elgin, IL 373 HSBCP
Joseph Rosenfeld Elgin, IL 367 HSBCP
Pamela Helzer Elgin, SC 9997 GCDF
David Symonds Elgin, SC 6221 GCDF
Pamela Polson Elgin, SC 9997 GCDF
Bridgett Bailey Elgin, SC 12330 GCDF
Latoya Jeeter Elgin, SC 13787 GCDF
Lisa Pace Elgin, SC 15029 GCDF
Teresa Brower Elgin, SC 16389 GCDF
Frederick Harris Elgin, SC 16523 GCDF

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