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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
George Winter Fayetteville, AR 12285 GCDF
Angela Williams Fayetteville, AR 12315 GCDF
Gwendolyn Fant Russell Fayetteville, NC 2376 GCDF
Helen Richard Fayetteville, GA 7675 GCDF
Belinda Wilkerson Fayetteville, NC 11735 GCDF
Kaylee Simmons Fayetteville, AR 13650 GCDF
Kelsey Lavigne Fayetteville, AR 14220 GCDF
Arlene Thorne Fayetteville, NC 15586 GCDF
Susan Bradley Fayetteville, AR 15922 GCDF
Jacqueline Elliott Fayetteville, NC 16003 GCDF

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