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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Amy-Jo Hilts Middletown, NY 1504 BC-TMH
Tenise Wall Middletown, NY 385 BC-TMH
Linda Lanni Middletown, NJ 1189 ACS
Jeanne Cooperhouse Middletown, NJ 2140 ACS
Samantha Kellar Middletown, NJ 2258 ACS
Gino Tramontelli Middletown, NJ 3307 ACS
Kimberly Peterson Middletown, CT 507 HSBCP
Tamika Tompoulidis Middletown, OH 17203 GCDF
Emily Sawyer-Kegerreis Middletown, DE 13800 GCDF
Kevin Madara Middletown, MD 14583 GCDF
Michelle Gallipoli Middletown, MD 15667 GCDF

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