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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Jacinta Fennell Plainfield, NJ 3209 ACS
Danielle Pompey-Plummer Plainfield, NJ 3283 ACS
Aklima Baksh Plainfield, NJ 1119 ACS
Kadian Peynado Plainfield, NJ 1498 ACS
Scott Nelson Plainfield, NJ 2379 ACS
Sonja Welch Plainfield, NJ 3067 ACS
Heather Parks Plainfield, IN 3552 HSBCP
Albert Barnes Plainfield, IN 3240 HSBCP
Brian Hazard Plainfield, IL 1419 HSBCP
Della Patton Plainfield, NJ 1648 HSBCP
Kelly Fox Plainfield, IL 16728 GCDF

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