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GREECE TRAINING PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT: CAREER ASSOCIATES TRAINS GCDF CANDIDATES IN GREECE Maria Koutsafti founded the Center for Vocational Guidance & Educational Consulting Career Associates (VG & EC) in Athens, Greece, in 1991. Koutsafti has 30 years of experience in career counseling, assessment, and development. As a Registered Credential Training Provider, Koutsafti’s center establishes collaborations with academic institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and private enterprises to help develop the counseling profession and its support system in Greece. Koutsafti and her staff at Career Associates train clients to obtain CCE’s flagship credential, the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF). “Career counseling is widely valued by Greek students and their parents, by school principals and teachers, by external agencies, and by the community as a whole,” Koutsafti says. After providing career training since the early 1990s, she began training candidates to obtain the GCDF in 2009.