CCE Impact Book

The North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (NCBLCMHC) was established to regulate the activities of professionals who provide counseling services to ensure the protection of our public’s health, safety, and welfare. Dr. Denauvo M. Robinson, NCC, ACS, LCMHCS, NBCCH, is the Board’s chair. He is in his fourth term and has served as chair for two terms. Robinson retired after 45 years serving as president and CEO, vice chancellor, executive director, vice president, headmaster, and psychological counselor in education- and community-related settings. CCE has provided full board support and operations for NCBLCMHC since 2014, and Robinson says the relationship has contributed greatly to the Board’s success. “CCE has been an outstanding partner and management company,” he says. “Two years ago, the Board embarked on a major effort to change our name and the name of the licenses we confer, establish an Impaired Professionals Program, and create an opportunity for licensure reciprocity with other states. CCE’s staff was extremely helpful in creating a strategic plan to involve our public in the process, inform them of our progress, and share with them our success after North Carolina Senate Bill 537 became a law in 2020.” This bill amended the licensure names for Licensed Professional WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING NC BOARD WORKS TO REGULATE THE PRACTICE OF COUNSELING