CCE Impact Book

“An individual may struggle with a particular disorder. Through telehealth, it becomes possible to find a provider who specializes in a particular area so the individual can be empowered to choose a provider who is best qualified to help. An important part of specialization for those who provide services by video involves obtaining the BC-TMH credential. It shows that we value our work and understand the uniqueness of serving people using a distance modality.” Nommensen has provided telemental health services since 2008 when CFS began offering telehealth for members of religious organizations in rural areas of the country. The program later expanded to provide services to individuals, couples, and families by video in almost all parts of the country and in many international locations. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in the demand for telemental health services, Nommensen says. “Thanks to our history with CCE and our training in the area of telehealth, we were able to quickly and easily expand our service delivery to meet the immediate demand,” he says. “With nearly 100 mental health professionals now on staff, our goal is to get them all certified through CCE as BC-TMHs. “As our society changes and we see the means of interacting with each other changing, it would be in everyone’s best interest to explore the benefits of telehealth. My advice is to take the training and get your credential. Inevitably you will find ways to apply distance counseling modalities with current patients, or even start something entirely new.”