CCE Impact Book

COUNSELING PROGRAMS BENEFIT FROM THE CPCE IN MANY WAYS. • Provides a master’s program comprehensive examination that meets high psychometric standards. • Gives programs an objective view of the knowledge level of their students. • Allows programs to examine student functioning in various curricular areas. • Promotes longitudinal self-study. • Compares a program’s results to national data. • Stimulates student integration of knowledge learned in separate courses. • Gives students comparative strength and weakness feedback. “It’s a very a comprehensive examination, so it’s not only testing an individual’s knowledge, but also their ability to respond in certain situations,” says Shonette Rangel, CPCE Coordinator. “The questions are structured in a way to really make students think more objectively and to prepare them to face the world of counseling and work professionally and effectively with their clientele.” Our staff also helps students with the registration process, updates their accounts, uploads scores, and provides quarterly instructional and information sessions online.