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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Renee Anderson Butler, PA BC-TMH-0007 BC-TMH
Sonia Lassen East Stroudsburg, PA BC-TMH-0009 BC-TMH
Patricia Kehren Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-0044 BC-TMH
Lauren Ostrowski Gilbertsville, PA BC-TMH-0053 BC-TMH
Jonathan Impellizzeri Cranberry, PA BC-TMH-0143 BC-TMH
Betty RIce Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-0144 BC-TMH
Matthew Yatsko Mt Pleasant, PA BC-TMH-0147 BC-TMH
Larry Dickson Saegertown, PA BC-TMH-0184 BC-TMH
Matthew Shupp Shippensburg, PA BC-TMH-0209 BC-TMH
Cynthia Muccio St Marys, PA BC-TMH-0227 BC-TMH
Maria Christina Sewiddey, PA BC-TMH-0236 BC-TMH
Brittany Azzolina Hellertown, PA BC-TMH-0289 BC-TMH
Crystal Vatza Tobyhanna, PA BC-TMH-0380 BC-TMH
Lori Kolb Nazareth, PA BC-TMH-0382 BC-TMH
Stacie Sebastian Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-0483 BC-TMH
Barbara Tury Downington, PA BC-TMH-0504 BC-TMH
Lori Gallagher Carlisle, PA BC-TMH-0510 BC-TMH
Tammy Wills Phoenixville, PA BC-TMH-0511 BC-TMH
Beth Held New Castle, PA BC-TMH-0539 BC-TMH
Diane Winter Canonsburg, PA BC-TMH-0558 BC-TMH
Talisa Reed Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-0577 BC-TMH
Nancy McCormack Throop, PA BC-TMH-0581 BC-TMH
Kathleen Karnoff Waverly, PA BC-TMH-0633 BC-TMH
Diana Fischerkeller Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-0752 BC-TMH
Jacqueline Sikora Latrobe, PA BC-TMH-0773 BC-TMH
Bonnie Kelly Newtown, PA BC-TMH-0778 BC-TMH
Kristen Doran Malvern, PA BC-TMH-0812 BC-TMH
Jonathan Reveley-Cohen Huntingdon, PA BC-TMH-0819 BC-TMH
Jacqueline Walsh Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-0820 BC-TMH
Nadiya Tucker Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-0852 BC-TMH
Glenda Brooks Dillsburg, PA BC-TMH-0975 BC-TMH
Marisa Schuster Johnstown, PA BC-TMH-1008 BC-TMH
Pauline Amaismeier Hickory, PA BC-TMH-1026 BC-TMH
Evelyn Henderson Coatesville, PA BC-TMH-1081 BC-TMH
Tracey McCarthy Pittsburg, PA BC-TMH-1185 BC-TMH
Kimberly Rehak Pennsburg, PA BC-TMH-1267 BC-TMH
Marla Jones Wayne, PA BC-TMH-1287 BC-TMH
Rosemary Williams Tobyhanna, PA BC-TMH-1307 BC-TMH
Lola Georg Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-1323 BC-TMH
Julie Scarpo Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1341 BC-TMH
Michele Ruffin Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1368 BC-TMH
Emily Heim Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1419 BC-TMH
Lois Ehrmann Penna Furnace, PA BC-TMH-1432 BC-TMH
Natalie Fein Yardley, PA BC-TMH-1434 BC-TMH
Toni Duncan Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1528 BC-TMH
Michelle Huh-Mounts Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1538 BC-TMH
Bernadette Hulsinger Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1560 BC-TMH
Alla Leybinsky Henryville, PA BC-TMH-1611 BC-TMH
Grace Penman Bloomsburg, PA BC-TMH-1655 BC-TMH
Pei-Hsuan Liu State College, PA BC-TMH-1678 BC-TMH
Shanelle Clay Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1702 BC-TMH
Stacy Colaizzo Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-1729 BC-TMH
Paris Gesinski Plum, PA BC-TMH-1820 BC-TMH
Edward Darrah Wynnewood, PA BC-TMH-1838 BC-TMH
Julie Hartsock Glenville, PA BC-TMH-1863 BC-TMH
Leigh Sturm Oil City, PA BC-TMH-1870 BC-TMH
Jennifer Erickson Glenmoore, PA BC-TMH-1881 BC-TMH
Raquel Romirowsky Bala Cynwyd, PA BC-TMH-1904 BC-TMH
Lindsay Brunswick Cranberry Twp, PA BC-TMH-1928 BC-TMH
Tracy Cross Transfer, PA BC-TMH-1935 BC-TMH
Amy White Harrison Valley, PA BC-TMH-1978 BC-TMH
Millicent Hrizuk Easton, PA BC-TMH-1990 BC-TMH
Michael Shook Lancaster, PA BC-TMH-1994 BC-TMH
Kristin Vincenzes Montoursville, PA BC-TMH-2000 BC-TMH
Eugene Simonson Lancaster, PA BC-TMH-2050 BC-TMH
Tricia Mikolon Browndale, PA BC-TMH-2087 BC-TMH
Amelia Romaine Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-2117 BC-TMH
Shara Ruffin Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-2128 BC-TMH
Darby Klaiber Weedville, PA BC-TMH-2130 BC-TMH
Natalie McCormick McKees Rocks, PA BC-TMH-2274 BC-TMH
Sean Moundas Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2301 BC-TMH
Rocco Vallecorsa Coraopolis, PA BC-TMH-2302 BC-TMH
Kaitlyn Emile Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2303 BC-TMH
Erin Ritter Easton, PA BC-TMH-2353 BC-TMH
Ariane Medero East Stroudsburg, PA BC-TMH-2369 BC-TMH
Ashlee Wolfgang Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2386 BC-TMH
Michele Stroman-Welker Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2387 BC-TMH
Nicholas Yee Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2388 BC-TMH
Heather Arment Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2389 BC-TMH
Lori Drost Butler, PA BC-TMH-2391 BC-TMH
Rayna Gross Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2392 BC-TMH
Cassandra Long Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2393 BC-TMH
Ahmed Ghuman Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2394 BC-TMH
Camille Interligi Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2395 BC-TMH
Kelli Lampe Allison Park, PA BC-TMH-2397 BC-TMH
Mihnea Vasilescu Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2398 BC-TMH
Iruaku Brodie-Mends Verona, PA BC-TMH-2399 BC-TMH
Jay Deiters Wexford, PA BC-TMH-2401 BC-TMH
Cassandra Brenner Wong Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2402 BC-TMH
Bernadette Smith North Versailles, PA BC-TMH-2403 BC-TMH
Veronica Jones Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2404 BC-TMH
Jay Darr Mars, PA BC-TMH-2405 BC-TMH
Bobbi Witham Canonsburg, PA BC-TMH-2406 BC-TMH
Samuel Johnson Knox, PA BC-TMH-2429 BC-TMH
Tracy Stinchfield Lancaster, PA BC-TMH-2438 BC-TMH
Jane Folk Fountainville, PA BC-TMH-2443 BC-TMH
Melissa Nagy Mercer, PA BC-TMH-2444 BC-TMH
Corinne Bridges Wellsboro, PA BC-TMH-2467 BC-TMH
Amy Cornell Reading, PA BC-TMH-2481 BC-TMH
Cheryl Schymansky Hanover, PA BC-TMH-2502 BC-TMH
Joseph Haas North East, PA BC-TMH-2526 BC-TMH
Kimberly Polonsky Collegeville, PA BC-TMH-2584 BC-TMH
Denise Caldwell Bloomsburg, PA BC-TMH-2601 BC-TMH
Jo Shaw Edwardsville, PA BC-TMH-2604 BC-TMH
Sarah Dalton Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2606 BC-TMH
Nicole Johnson Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-2623 BC-TMH
Lisa Weaver Bellefonte, PA BC-TMH-2675 BC-TMH
Marisol Cruz Lebanon, PA BC-TMH-2690 BC-TMH
Tara Faigle New Hope, PA BC-TMH-2703 BC-TMH
Yoon Moh King of Prussia, PA BC-TMH-2720 BC-TMH
Mandy Reilly Upper Black Eddy, PA BC-TMH-2724 BC-TMH
JaneAnna Galli Media, PA BC-TMH-2725 BC-TMH
Kristin Cline Jeannette, PA BC-TMH-2738 BC-TMH
Tremmia Smith Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-2808 BC-TMH
Adam Gregory Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2817 BC-TMH
Jessica Weiss-Zandfard Devon, PA BC-TMH-2871 BC-TMH
Ellen Gigliotti Shippensburg, PA BC-TMH-2873 BC-TMH
Qinwei Zhang Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2939 BC-TMH
Katelynne Hankins Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-2985 BC-TMH
Courtney Oblinski Erie, PA BC-TMH-2987 BC-TMH
Danielle Williams Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-3025 BC-TMH
Kelly Hill Philadelphia, PA BC-TMH-3049 BC-TMH
Michelle Colarusso Greensburg, PA BC-TMH-3139 BC-TMH
Hayley Peterson Greensburg, PA BC-TMH-3212 BC-TMH
Laura Topper Hanover, PA BC-TMH-3466 BC-TMH
Adara Anderson Lansdowne, PA BC-TMH-3508 BC-TMH
Danny Sharara Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-3530 BC-TMH
G Alexander Sipe Verona, PA BC-TMH-3533 BC-TMH
James Wiggins Pittsburgh, PA BC-TMH-3557 BC-TMH

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