CCE Impact Book

fellow and the 2013 recipient of the Texas Counseling Association’s Truax award. In 2019, she received the ACES Legacy Award and the IAMFC Lifelong Achievement Award. She received the Texas Tech University Chancellor’s Teaching Award and the University President’s Teaching Award. Dr. Bradley is also the recipient of three research awards from ACA, ACES, and The British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy. The credential has helped her along her career path, she says. “The fact that you have this credential can help clients seeking your services to feel more confident about your qualifications. It shows that you’ve undergone stringent scrutiny in your ability to practice and have the qualifications and training to provide effective supervision. I also think there is a personal benefit because as an individual, it gives you a certain sense of pride and accomplishment.” “Having a credential informs the public that counselors have met certain requirements of education and experience, and a degree of advanced training. I believe it lends credibility and that it’s another way for the public to feel protected.”