CCE Impact Book

John E. Long, EdS, BCC, CMCS BCC since 2011 Long is a professional coach and university instructor and a “career transition survivor,” he says, having previously served almost two decades in health care management. His private coaching practice has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida. He specializes in career and life coaching and is the author of Career Judo – The Martial Art for the Mindful Career. Long earned a Master of Science with a concentration in career development and a post-master’s educational specialist degree with a major in counseling and educational psychology. He also teaches undergraduate courses in education, student success, and psychology. After earning CCE’s Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential, Long became interested in learning more about becoming a Board Certified Coach (BCC). “I was really pleased to see that CCE was involving Dr. Pat Williams, a leader in the field of professional coaching, in the development of the BCC credential,” Long says. “I was completing ongoing professional development courses in the growth and development model of coaching, and I felt the BCC was a perfect fit to enhance my professional profile as a career and life coach. The BCC framework offered me a quality, stepwise process to build upon my academic credentials and add ‘professional coach’ to my personal brand.” Long says he recommends earning the BCC to his peers and emerging coaches. “Candidates for the credential are offered a variety of entry points that acknowledge and build upontheir education and experience, while adding a formal training component and a competency-based assessment,” he says. “A coach holding the BCC can have confidence that this credential sends a clear message that the