Maintaining Your Credential Distance Credentialed Counselor

Credential Maintenance

The DCC credential is valid for five years as long as you comply with CCE policies and procedures, including disclosure requirements.

To maintain your DCC credential, you must:

  • Pay your annual maintenance fee of $40.
  • Disclose any disciplinary matter within 60 days of your knowledge of the matter. (See for more information.)
  • Complete the recredentialing process at the end of the five-year period.

Recredentialing/Continuing Education Requirements

Recredentialing is necessary every five years in order to continue using the DCC credential. To recredential, you must be able to document completion of 20 hours of continuing education activities during your five-year credentialing period.

  • Acceptable continuing education activities include workshops, in-service training, conference attendance or coursework.
  • Fifteen of the 20 hours can be in a counseling or related mental health field area. A minimum of five hours must be focused on distance counseling.
  • A continuing education clock hour is defined as one hour of actual participation in a continuing education activity, exclusive of breaks and meals. One semester hour of college credit is equivalent to 15 clock hours.
  • Proof of continuing education is required upon request by CCE. Acceptable forms of documentation include certificates or letters of attendance, transcripts and grade reports.
  • Failure to submit the signed attestation, payment and any requested continuing education documentation by the expiration date on your certificate will result in expiration of your credential.

Click here for a continuing education log to document your hours.

Click here for distance counseling continuing education opportunities.

Reinstating an Expired DCC Credential

In order to reinstate an expired DCC credential, you will need to submit a reinstatement application and fee of $50, documentation of 20 hours of continuing education, and full payment of any past-due fees.

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