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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
John Schreitmueller Canton, GA 1175 BCC
Jenifer Haller Hill Canton, OH 3316 BCC
Lynda Sabino Canton, OH 3984 BCC
Jonathan Dunlap Canton, MS 208 BC-TMH
John Widener Canton, GA 398 BC-TMH
Patricia Monahan Canton, GA 1208 BC-TMH
Sandra Cheeks Canton, MS 1527 BC-TMH
Nancy Wesselink Canton, GA 825 BC-TMH
Susan Belangee Canton, GA 674 ACS
Karen Perez Canton, MI 2053 ACS
Dawn Foxon Crain Canton, NC 6631 HSBCP
Danielle Weeks Canton, MA 6495 HSBCP
Kevin Goodman Canton, MI 16941 GCDF
Sara Monson Canton, NC 11030 GCDF
Cristina Buzas Canton, MI 14638 GCDF
Laura Simmons Canton, NC 15824 GCDF
Joyce Hovermale Canton, MI 16137 GCDF
Lisa Morris Canton, NC 16160 GCDF
William Tomlinson Canton, NC 16185 GCDF
Genovia Peterson Canton, MI 16894 GCDF

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