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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Luke Gagne Manchester, NH 183 BCC
AnnMarie Schwein Manchester, MO 1990 BCC
Grady Batchelor Jr Manchester, NH 3738 BCC
Renee Heatwole Manchester, MD 50 HSBCP
Jennifer Hahn Manchester, IA 342 HSBCP
Shauna Smith Manchester, NH 676 HSBCP
Christopher Dodds Manchester, NH 17199 GCDF
Kate Pandolpho Manchester, NJ 2095 GCDF
Deborah Walker Manchester, CT 4822 GCDF
Phillip Arnett Manchester, KY 6449 GCDF
JoAnn Nolan Manchester, KY 6455 GCDF
Shirley Davidson Manchester, KY 10034 GCDF
Pamela Pleas Manchester, NH 11683 GCDF
Tracy Micali Manchester, NH 14808 GCDF
Catherine Montanarella Manchester, NH 15099 GCDF
Danielle Dalton Manchester, NY 15159 GCDF

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