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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Melissa Kelly-McCabe Naples, NY 1563 BCC
Wayne Jones Naples, FL 2154 BCC
J. Christine Harmes Naples, FL 2978 BCC
Mardi Winder-Adams Naples, TX 3881 BCC
Karen Maldonado Naples, FL 210 BC-TMH
Suzan Gallucci Naples, FL 501 BC-TMH
Richard Long Naples, FL 625 BC-TMH
Danielle DeFrancesco Naples, FL 1469 BC-TMH
Julie Rego Naples, FL 1997 ACS
Keely LaFrinier Naples, FL 6446 HSBCP
Kaci Carter Naples, FL 16721 GCDF
Reid Lennertz Naples, FL 16875 GCDF
Rose Fuller Naples, FL 16877 GCDF

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