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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Clarissa Steffen Springfield, OR 1003 BCC
Steven Albrecht Springfield, MO 1418 BCC
Michele Sutton Springfield, IL 1829 BCC
Brenda Descamps Springfield, MO 3326 BCC
Lisa Bennett Springfield, OR 3521 BCC
Amy Lally Springfield, IL 3617 BCC
Marcia Plasters Springfield, IL 3742 BCC
Alice Leefers Springfield, IL 3864 BCC
Marion Burke Springfield, VA 3965 BCC
Maria Roman Morales Springfield, MA 67 BC-TMH
Alanna Cieslek Springfield, IL 203 BC-TMH
Kasey Lee Springfield, MO 261 BC-TMH
Matthew Grey Springfield, IL 317 BC-TMH
Katherine Battee-Freeman Springfield, IL 984 BC-TMH
Carol Van Rhein Springfield, MO 1073 BC-TMH
Kathryn Klock-Powell Springfield, GA 1236 BC-TMH
Harry Ayling Springfield, VA 959 ACS
Arika Van Brunt Springfield, VA 984 ACS
Grace Hipona Springfield, VA 1118 ACS
Stephanie Koempel Springfield, NJ 1375 ACS
Myla Giles Springfield, NJ 1481 ACS
Maria Ward Springfield, IL 1716 ACS
Diana Ceron Springfield, NJ 2126 ACS
Faraji Martin Springfield , IL 3011 HSBCP
Yasmin Cortes Springfield, MA 1290 HSBCP
Eliezer Cortes Springfield, MA 1301 HSBCP
Mary Forney Springfield, IL 1958 HSBCP
Mable Sharif Springfield, MA 1961 HSBCP
Camille Elliott Springfield, MA 696 HSBCP
Rebecca Willoughby Springfield, MA 8560 GCDF
Rosalie Galliher Springfield, OR 1633 GCDF
Anne Armbruster Springfield, IL 4612 GCDF
Tiffany Wanzo Springfield, OH 6886 GCDF
Christine Allen Springfield, PA 12151 GCDF
Magtanggol Sto. Domingo Springfield, VA 15907 GCDF
Pamela White Springfield, MA 15947 GCDF

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