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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
S Candice Campbell Tulsa, OK 850 BCC
Pamela Bradley Tulsa , OK 2580 BCC
Kelly Dunbar Davison Tulsa, OK 28 BC-TMH
Cleshawn DuBose Tulsa, OK 1291 BC-TMH
Keysha Roby Tulsa, OK 1810 HSBCP
Keri Hobson Tulsa, OK 17193 GCDF
Patti Schmigle Tulsa, OK 12234 GCDF
Jenny Larsen Tulsa, OK 13001 GCDF
Michael Harris Tulsa, OK 16288 GCDF
Cheryl Elias Tulsa, OK 16290 GCDF
Gregory Hope Tulsa, OK 16291 GCDF
Jessica McIver Tulsa, OK 16292 GCDF
David Johnson Tulsa, OK 16293 GCDF

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