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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Anne Watson Boise, ID 305 BCC
Rona Brumpton Star, ID 645 BCC
Mandy Pratt Meridian, ID 1564 BCC
Linda Arrossa Twin Falls, ID 2384 BCC
Michelle Vincent Meridian, ID 3415 BCC
Debra Greeff Boise, ID 3439 BCC
Scott Gardner Rexburg, ID 3765 BCC
Ryan Vigilant Boise, ID 3922 BCC
Gina Gridley Boise, ID 126 BC-TMH
John Condron Pocatello, ID 127 BC-TMH
Amanda Cadwell Boise, ID 49 BC-TMH
Thomas Wilson Boise, ID 468 BC-TMH
Regina Moro Boise, ID 1461 BC-TMH
Vernon Kubiak Arco, ID 1487 BC-TMH
Jennifer Miesch Pocatello, ID 1169 BC-TMH
Elizabeth Stephenson Rexburg, ID 1191 BC-TMH
Gail Laferriere Rathdrum, ID 640 BC-TMH
Kristine Mitchell Post Falls, ID 705 BC-TMH
Taylor Garff Idaho Falls, ID 599 BC-TMH
Steven Filer Boise, ID 257 ACS
Terrie Porter Boise, ID 775 ACS
Timothy Hoekstra Caldwell, ID 849 ACS
Tess Shellenbarger Weiser, ID 1312 ACS
Scott Tiffany Meridian, ID 1413 ACS
Kathleen Ruscitto Post Falls, ID 1848 ACS
Michel Kestie Buhl, ID 313 HSBCP
Linda Ness Twin Falls, ID 295 HSBCP
Margaret Hedelius Nampa, ID 6716 HSBCP
Merry Olson Twin Falls, ID 13388 GCDF
Lance Kaldor Boise, ID 13471 GCDF
Elsa Guillen Mountain Home, ID 13572 GCDF
Jose Lozano Jeome, ID 14715 GCDF
Lori Yellen Boise, ID 15247 GCDF
Garrett Nilsson Ammon, ID 15968 GCDF
Rachel Otto Moscow, ID 16766 GCDF
Rebecca Carroll Boise, ID 16944 GCDF
Margaret (Peg) Getty Hayden, ID 15837 GCDF
Margaret (Peg) Getty Hayden, ID 15837 GCDF
Joanna Henry Marsing, ID 4806 GCDF
Eric Anderson Moscow, ID 12196 GCDF

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