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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Joanne Waldman Chesterfield, MO 49 BCC
Cathy Wilson Nixa, MO 257 BCC
Susan Marino Waynesville, MO 513 BCC
Patricia Hamilton Exeter, MO 611 BCC
Christopher McCluskey Edgar Springs, MO 707 BCC
Tad Schinke Branson West, MO 723 BCC
Brenda Schinke Branson West, MO 724 BCC
Nicki McClusky St Louis, MO 746 BCC
Anne Hensley St Louis, MO 751 BCC
Steven Holeman Liberty, MO 893 BCC
Jeanmarie Reynolds Arnold, MO 963 BCC
Vicki Braun St Robert, MO 1144 BCC
Consuelo Maturana St Louis, MO 1311 BCC
Julia Stewart Kirkwood, MO 1336 BCC
Anita Cole Florissant, MO 1354 BCC
Steven Albrecht Springfield, MO 1418 BCC
Keri Bell Peculiar, MO 1526 BCC
Nancy Davis Lees Summit, MO 1687 BCC
Kathleen Johnson St Louis, MO 1814 BCC
Laura Todt-Stockman Wildwood, MO 1818 BCC
Francesca Ferrentelli St Louis, MO 1842 BCC
AnnMarie Schwein Manchester, MO 1990 BCC
Michael Burroughs Ballwin, MO 2095 BCC
Mary Young Wildwood, MO 2142 BCC
Nancy Clements Miami , MO 2610 BCC
Marcie Thomas Edgar Springs, MO 2639 BCC
Sherry Harsch-Porter St. Louis , MO 2679 BCC
Madeline Nash Kirksville , MO 2809 BCC
John Smith Maryland Heights, MO 3216 BCC
Elizabeth Moeller Webster Groves, MO 3278 BCC
Brenda Descamps Springfield, MO 3326 BCC
Robert Turner Marriottsville, MO 3476 BCC
Brandi Wriedt Edina, MO 3874 BCC
Sharilyn Franklin St Louis, MO 3908 BCC
Andrea Banwart Republic, MO 4132 BCC
Theresa Eschmann Imperial, MO 37 BC-TMH
Carrie Baylard Eidson Lee's Summit, MO 68 BC-TMH
Kasey Lee Springfield, MO 261 BC-TMH
James Carroll Chesterfield, MO 273 BC-TMH
Kathrene Harnacker St. Charles, MO 386 BC-TMH
Alicia Polk Belton, MO 555 BC-TMH
Raymond Butts Branson, MO 1250 BC-TMH
Julia Bahr Festus, MO 1314 BC-TMH
Melissa Douglass Florissant, MO 1378 BC-TMH
Brittany Murphy St Peters, MO 1458 BC-TMH
Stephenie Combs St Peters, MO 1503 BC-TMH
Michelle Riehn Perryville, MO 1471 BC-TMH
Candace Anthony St Louis, MO 1478 BC-TMH
Melissa Webb St Louis, MO 1479 BC-TMH
Dustin Wall Parkville, MO 841 BC-TMH
I Luna Camden Kansas City, MO 816 BC-TMH
Linda Waxse Kansas City, MO 906 BC-TMH
Mark Tobin St Louis, MO 978 BC-TMH
Carol Van Rhein Springfield, MO 1073 BC-TMH
Kelli Wiethan Kansas City, MO 1110 BC-TMH
Kathy Coleman St Peters, MO 1021 BC-TMH
Lee Borowiak Ste. Genevieve, MO 1104 BC-TMH
Steven Holeman Liberty, MO 1170 BC-TMH
Joanne Waldman Chesterfield, MO 1283 BC-TMH
Jessica Taylor St Charles, MO 1257 BC-TMH
Cheryl Mark Lee's Summit, MO 561 BC-TMH
Nancy Cook Licking, MO 562 BC-TMH
Steve Meinert Saint Peters, MO 563 BC-TMH
Cheri Dueker St Louis, MO 1572 BC-TMH
Jami Ross Farmington, MO 1618 BC-TMH
Mark Pope St Louis, MO 139 ACS
Patrick Cleveland St Louis, MO 327 ACS
Walter Roberts Jr Kirbyville, MO 402 ACS
Robert Pelley Eureka, MO 491 ACS
Janice Ward Jackson, MO 512 ACS
Timothy Gould Cape Girardeau, MO 561 ACS
Sharon Braun Jackson, MO 810 ACS
Laura Rauscher Foristell, MO 819 ACS
Christopher Anderson Valley Park, MO 862 ACS
Roger Whittler Jefferson City, MO 3196 ACS
Gladys Smith St Louis, MO 1872 ACS
Rhonda Wood Columbia, MO 2342 ACS
James Smith Jefferson City, MO 3146 ACS
Grace Okonta Kansas City, MO 287 HSBCP
Adreanna Melone Troy, MO 7115 HSBCP
Flora Fazio O Fallon, MO 2092 HSBCP
Howard Rosenthal St Charles, MO 113 HSBCP
April Haberyan Saint Joseph, MO 95 HSBCP
Lucretia Haley Kansas City, MO 17103 GCDF
Leanne Tippett Mosby Hartsburg, MO 16929 GCDF
Karen Almond Platte City, MO 9624 GCDF
Margaret Quinn Brookfield, MO 2858 GCDF
Scott Anders St Louis, MO 5696 GCDF
Charo Davis Florissant, MO 8302 GCDF
Dana Keller Farber, MO 9010 GCDF
Wanda Cotter Bakersfield, MO 11119 GCDF
Joyce Hunter Cape Girardeau, MO 11420 GCDF
Elizabeth Rowe St Louis, MO 12486 GCDF
Charlene Piel Maryville, MO 13834 GCDF
Donald Bequette Rolla, MO 13920 GCDF
Michelene Carbol Saint Charles, MO 13997 GCDF

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