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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Molly Painschab Belgrade, MT 1537 DCC
Syble Solomon Hamilton, MT 501 BCC
Faye Point Billings, MT 664 BCC
Jamie Wine Brockton, MT 901 BCC
Kimberly Kompel Glasgow , MT 2728 BCC
Tristan Sophia Reed Point, MT 3855 BCC
Ellen Savage Chinook, MT 363 BC-TMH
Jennifer Beatty Townsend, MT 1525 BC-TMH
Dennis Cox Billings, MT 67 ACS
Terry Rainwater Missoula, MT 392 ACS
Jennifer Bosley Seeley Lake, MT 1015 ACS
Michelle Hill Great Falls, MT 2726 ACS
Erin Meyer Bozeman , MT 2978 HSBCP
Suzette Fletcher Billings, MT 16423 GCDF
Erika Frisby Billings, MT 16685 GCDF

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