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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Elizabeth Green Andover, NH 1026 DCC
Luke Gagne Manchester, NH 183 BCC
Martha Hennessey Hanover, NH 300 BCC
Jeanette Indoccio Hampton, NH 624 BCC
Maureen Gross Concord, NH 2265 BCC
John Randolph Lebanon , NH 2585 BCC
Kerri Froehlich Wolfeboro , NH 2794 BCC
Kathleen Rockwood New Castle , NH 2941 BCC
Daniela Bayer Laconia, NH 2956 BCC
Chrissy Carew Nashua , NH 779 BCC
Debra Godfrey New Castle, NH 3573 BCC
Grady Batchelor Jr Manchester, NH 3738 BCC
Katharine Comtois Portsmouth, NH 3802 BCC
Ioana Popa New Ipsich, NH 3839 BCC
Eileen O'Sullivan Merrimack, NH 437 BC-TMH
Amy Davenport-Dakin Kingston, NH 520 BC-TMH
Beverly Vermeer Enfield, NH 1473 BC-TMH
Wayne Hansen Hampstead, NH 1274 BC-TMH
William Prince Stratham, NH 265 ACS
Stephen Flynn Plymouth, NH 894 ACS
Darius Cooper Concord, NH 1366 ACS
Cheryl Laurenza Salem, NH 1392 ACS
Kelley Keith New London, NH 469 HSBCP
Tammy Emery Laconia, NH 706 HSBCP
Karen Currier Littleton, NH 758 HSBCP
Dawn Brown Allenstown, NH 1182 HSBCP
Sue Dunn Littleton, NH 216 HSBCP
Sarah Menard Peterborough, NH 6388 HSBCP
Steven Walsh Seabrook, NH 2625 HSBCP
Shauna Smith Manchester, NH 676 HSBCP
Grace Donahue Hampstead, NH 17251 GCDF
Jessica Erb Henniker, NH 14807 GCDF
Christopher Dodds Manchester, NH 17199 GCDF
Marilyn Kellogg Kingston, NH 868 GCDF
Anthony Paige Keene, NH 617 GCDF
Pamela Wiggin Stratham, NH 1533 GCDF
Amy Smith Lebanon, NH 2599 GCDF
Michael Roush Strafford, NH 4491 GCDF
Theresa Berube Salem, NH 4969 GCDF
Douglas Cullen Goffstown, NH 4908 GCDF
William Ryan N. Sutton, NH 5933 GCDF
Amy Burke Northfield, NH 7629 GCDF
Mary Ann Gaschnig Concord, NH 8108 GCDF
Mary Hahnen Center Ossipee, NH 9511 GCDF
Samantha Fraser Harrisville, NH 10621 GCDF
Pamela Pleas Manchester, NH 11683 GCDF
Diana Eddins-Wiggin Stratham, NH 13215 GCDF
Andrea Badger Lyndeborough, NH 13939 GCDF
Kristi Margaritis Bradshaw Merrimack, NH 14777 GCDF
Tracy Micali Manchester, NH 14808 GCDF
Catherine Montanarella Manchester, NH 15099 GCDF
Jan Coville Moultonborough, NH 15466 GCDF
Jennifer Tockman Elkins, NH 15916 GCDF
Hanna Royce Auburn, NH 16316 GCDF
Stephanie Banks Bow, NH 16911 GCDF

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