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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Tiana Louis Las Vegas, NV 956 DCC
Katrina Burrus Las Vegas, NV 387 BCC
Peter Leets Las Vegas, NV 407 BCC
Sally Stamp Henderson, NV 680 BCC
Patricia Morehouse Las Vegas, NV 808 BCC
Lisa Williams Las Vegas, NV 864 BCC
Joanne Bario Harpers Ferry, NV 865 BCC
Tiana Louis Las Vegas, NV 1614 BCC
Wendy Dingee Las Vegas, NV 2050 BCC
Brian Moore Sparks, NV 2603 BCC
Teresa MacTaggart Las Vegas, NV 3265 BCC
Danielle Teutsch Las Vegas, NV 3815 BCC
Lizette Sundvick Las Vegas, NV 3867 BCC
MaryAlice Short Reno, NV 3947 BCC
Ami Atkinson Combs Reno, NV 3985 BCC
Shelley Ferguson-Kelly Fallon, NV 327 BC-TMH
Marta Wilson Las Vegas, NV 567 BC-TMH
Peggy Dupey Reno, NV 1492 BC-TMH
Wendy Dingee Las Vegas, NV 855 BC-TMH
Stacy Hakes Las Vegas, NV 898 BC-TMH
Kimberly Bland Las Vegas, NV 1013 BC-TMH
Christopher Franco Henderson, NV 1048 BC-TMH
Terra Hamblin-Fisher Sparks, NV 1246 BC-TMH
Nicole Cauchois Las Vegas, NV 1217 BC-TMH
Natalie Kaufman Henderson, NV 1324 BC-TMH
James Monaghan III Las Vegas, NV 2855 ACS
Linda Curtis Las Vegas, NV 3062 ACS
Frankie Massa Reno, NV 3311 ACS
John Nixon Las Vegas, NV 684 ACS
Stephen Sharp Henderson, NV 854 ACS
Roberta Miranda Las Vegas, NV 1507 ACS
Kelly Duncan Las Vegas, NV 1680 ACS
Marta Wilson Las Vegas, NV 1695 ACS
Rebecca Scherer Reno, NV 1888 ACS
Louise Bailey-Walker Las Vegas, NV 2144 ACS
Anna Sonnenburg Reno, NV 2432 ACS
Trent Hansen Las Vegas, NV 2443 ACS
Daniel Berarducci Las Vegas, NV 2734 ACS
Oscar Sida Las Vegas, NV 2885 ACS
Tricia Woodliff Sparks, NV 3035 ACS
Stephen Sharp Henderson, NV 843 HSBCP
Katrina Horsley-Watts Henderson, NV 3931 HSBCP
Arthur Stovall Henderson, NV 1655 HSBCP
Daniel Bryant Reno, NV 378 GCDF
Cyndy Day Reno, NV 3618 GCDF
Katia Albright Reno, NV 5900 GCDF
Sherry Moore Las Vegas, NV 10388 GCDF
Charles Devlin Las Vegas, NV 11423 GCDF
Katrina Horsley Watts Henderson, NV 15421 GCDF

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