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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Marlene Talbott-Green Worthington, OH 681 DCC
Millicent Simmelink Rocky River, OH 774 DCC
Carol Jaxson-Jäger Dayton, OH 840 DCC
Helen McHenry Powell, OH 858 DCC
Sophia Paparodis Cincinnati, OH 1087 DCC
Erin Threatt Marietta, OH 1542 DCC
Elizabeth Long Vandalia, OH 1954 DCC
Meredith Schulz Beavercreek, OH 2561 DCC
Joan Starkowsky Novelty, OH 21 BCC
Ellen Neiley Ritter Hudson, OH 69 BCC
Stacey Shumway Johnson Portsmouth, OH 100 BCC
Diana Long Columbus, OH 111 BCC
Barbara Steffens West Chester, OH 156 BCC
Catherine Gross Centerville, OH 169 BCC
Susan McMahon Toledo, OH 205 BCC
Jean Weaver Kettering, OH 712 BCC
Cindy Warner Kettering, OH 749 BCC
Juliann Spoth Richmond Hts, OH 940 BCC
Mary Beth Ottke Cincinnati, OH 1053 BCC
Jane Steffens Mason, OH 1105 BCC
Jennifer Bradley West Chester, OH 1231 BCC
Olga Paz Orange, OH 1259 BCC
Lynne Kweder Lakewood, OH 1349 BCC
Julie Robinson Mansfield, OH 1370 BCC
Leasa Novak Medina, OH 1391 BCC
William Appleton Cleveland, OH 1437 BCC
Lisa Lafave University Hts, OH 1456 BCC
Ingeborg Hrabowy Clevland, OH 1461 BCC
Lalei Gutierrez Rocky River, OH 1607 BCC
Nancy Ratey Worthington, OH 1699 BCC
Erica Merritt South Euclid, OH 1739 BCC
Melanie Fleischer Brunswick, OH 1941 BCC
Claire Scott Miller Westlake, OH 1953 BCC
Robert Wubbolding Cincinnati, OH 1971 BCC
Jacalyn Stevenson Novelty, OH 2067 BCC
Kay Peterson Bratenahl, OH 2086 BCC
Carol Heintz Broadview Hts, OH 2097 BCC
Tami Caplan Beachwood, OH 2119 BCC
T. Herbert Stevenson Novelty, OH 2162 BCC
Jim Smith Cleveland, OH 2173 BCC
Rosanna Zavarella Beachwood, OH 2179 BCC
Janet Maurer Solon, OH 2183 BCC
Christina Lombardo Powell, OH 2215 BCC
Cheryl Barker Berea, OH 2222 BCC
Kenneth Kovach Shaker Heights, OH 2234 BCC
Pamela Ziss Independence, OH 2354 BCC
Mary Ann Kraus Shaker Heights, OH 2468 BCC
Teresa Johnson North Canton, OH 2473 BCC
Philip Belzunce Rocky River, OH 2484 BCC
Susan Cucuzza Bay Village , OH 2579 BCC
Marva Duvall Cincinnati , OH 2678 BCC
Michelle Napolitano Canheia, OH 2748 BCC
Patricia Beard Columbiana , OH 2737 BCC
Joan Nosal Chagrin Falls , OH 2847 BCC
Eli Shur Dayton , OH 2900 BCC
Kathleen Riffee Columbus , OH 2990 BCC
Teresa Andreani Lakewood, OH 3002 BCC
Gwendolyn Gist Dayton, OH 3066 BCC
Necole Sayers Clifton, OH 3074 BCC
Cheryl Curry Trotwood, OH 3076 BCC
Gwendolyn Buchanan Dayton, OH 3086 BCC
Leslie Mongelluzzi Wade Hill, OH 3094 BCC
Beth Planzer Cincinnati, OH 3180 BCC
Vicki Rich Columbus, OH 3280 BCC
Jenifer Haller Hill Canton, OH 3316 BCC
Tracy Konjovic Streetsboro, OH 3332 BCC
Katriela Isaacson Beachwood, OH 3359 BCC
Christina Lloyd Youngstown, OH 3429 BCC
Kristopher Nunn Garfield Heights, OH 3404 BCC
Diane Wetzig University Hts, OH 3536 BCC
Caroline Carter Cleveland, OH 3599 BCC
David Faulk Cincinnati, OH 3614 BCC
Diana Bilimoria Cleveland, OH 3625 BCC
Carrie Hudson Painesville, OH 3662 BCC
Abiramy Sriharan Copley, OH 3663 BCC
Ashley Bauman Loveland, OH 3708 BCC
Marion Seelbach Aurora, OH 3712 BCC
Stephen Warner Newbury, OH 3750 BCC
Ellen Van Oosten North Olmsted, OH 3754 BCC
Jennifer Carr Cleveland, OH 3758 BCC
Melvin Smith Cleveland, OH 3753 BCC
Eileen Theodore-Shusta Athens, OH 3780 BCC
Lori Jo Neiswander Cleveland, OH 3781 BCC
Denise Douglas Avon, OH 3789 BCC
Amanda Varley Cleveland, OH 3800 BCC
Sarah Eppink Mentor, OH 3806 BCC
Deborah Fatica Willoughby Hills, OH 3816 BCC
Deborah O'Neil Toledo, OH 3832 BCC
Margaret Hopkins Toledo, OH 3833 BCC
Rebecca Doak Dover, OH 3852 BCC
Kristen McLaughlin Mentor, OH 3868 BCC
Suzette Williamson Strongsville, OH 3870 BCC
Maria Ramundo Brecksville, OH 3895 BCC
Kerri Carmichael Strongsville, OH 1252 BC-TMH
Kimberley Pollock West Chester, OH 680 BC-TMH
Dara Williams Cincinnati, OH 730 BC-TMH
Carla Urbanas Vandalia, OH 827 BC-TMH
Wendy Persson Youngstown, OH 869 BC-TMH
Dahlia Harris Solon, OH 945 BC-TMH
Timothy Conrad Worthington, OH 937 BC-TMH
Andrea Razavi Pepper Pike, OH 1092 BC-TMH
John Conteh Columbus, OH 1139 BC-TMH
Linda Koenig Minford, OH 1130 BC-TMH
Brittny Pierson Powell, OH 1163 BC-TMH
Kimberly Hauser Wyoming, OH 1218 BC-TMH
Pat Ahl Columbus, OH 823 BC-TMH
Tiffany Rush-Wilson Shaker Heights, OH 584 BC-TMH
Rosalind Sistrunk Cincinnati, OH 856 BC-TMH
Oscar McKnight Hudson, OH 865 BC-TMH
David Long Tipp City, OH 116 ACS
Geoffrey Yager Cincinnati, OH 205 ACS
Jonathan Appel Bloomville, OH 315 ACS
Jane Cox Kent, OH 337 ACS
Colette Dollarhide Lewis Center, OH 605 ACS
Randi Cohen Columbus, OH 666 ACS
Samuel Wolfe Marion, OH 667 ACS
Louis Gregoire Steubenville, OH 754 ACS
John Conteh Columbus, OH 1131 ACS
David Brown Hamilton, OH 1285 ACS
Barry Zabielinski South Euclid, OH 1561 ACS
Tracy Luoma Dayton, OH 1768 ACS
Charles Branch Boardman, OH 3019 ACS
Madeline Clark Perrysburg, OH 2220 ACS
Amy Williams Boardman, OH 2227 ACS
Douglas Casper Wooster, OH 2358 ACS
Robin DuFresne Toledo, OH 2425 ACS
Paige Krabill Hudson, OH 405 HSBCP
Katherine Sara Marysville, OH 5492 HSBCP
Samantha Boren Mansfield, OH 2798 HSBCP
Thomas McElfresh Dayton, OH 1723 HSBCP
Shirley Woolfolk Cleveland, OH 5493 HSBCP
Taheera Blount Cincinnati, OH 2128 HSBCP
Jennifer Arny Centerburg, OH 5538 HSBCP
Tressa Arnold Mount Gilead, OH 5512 HSBCP
Chelahnnhe Lyons Reynoldsburg, OH 6688 HSBCP
Leslie Fehrman Ridenbaugh Coshocton, OH 6629 HSBCP
Kelly Brown Englewood, OH 4377 HSBCP
Brittany Arling Cincinnati, OH 6438 HSBCP
Eric Thayer Fairborn, OH 112 HSBCP
Gwendolyn Helton Vandalia, OH 5800 HSBCP
Lindy Lucas Warren, OH 14822 GCDF
James Dowdell Jr Maple Heights, OH 7680 GCDF
Tracy Sullivan Avon, OH 16074 GCDF
Joan Gamble Fremont, OH 16089 GCDF
Melissa Hines Davnille, OH 16182 GCDF
Sarah Hudson Fairview Park, OH 16312 GCDF
Stacie Odhner-Sibley Weserville, OH 16317 GCDF
Anessa Becton-Howard Reynoldsburg, OH 16322 GCDF
Rhonda King Columbus, OH 16331 GCDF
Desmond Mitchell Sr Elyria, OH 16490 GCDF
Patrick Keebler Elyria, OH 16495 GCDF
Rachel Juszczyk Brunswick, OH 16521 GCDF
Katherine Klimach Cincinnati, OH 15389 GCDF
Julie Collet Westerville, OH 15639 GCDF
Rita Soeder Mentor, OH 15645 GCDF
Tracy La Mar-Nickoli London, OH 15795 GCDF
Wanda Demons Columbus, OH 15898 GCDF
Gina Miller Cincinnati, OH 14670 GCDF
Sharma Fox Kettering, OH 14700 GCDF
Tricia Beach Amherst, OH 14719 GCDF
Michelle Adkins Leetonia, OH 14899 GCDF
Rene Jewett Vandalia, OH 14750 GCDF
Dalila Bennett Beavercreek, OH 14752 GCDF
Judith Mey Berea, OH 14787 GCDF
Janet Smith Columbus, OH 14792 GCDF
Emily Dudgeon Gambier, OH 14794 GCDF
Wendy McKinney Mount Vernon, OH 14795 GCDF
Brandy Booth Howard, OH 14796 GCDF
Elizabeth Wilson Berea, OH 14803 GCDF
Beth Ehrbar Berea, OH 14809 GCDF
Marcos Rivera Strongsville, OH 14838 GCDF
Kathryn Billen Masury, OH 14848 GCDF
Loisjean Haynes-Paige Youngstown, OH 14858 GCDF
Carmen Castro-Rivera Strongsville, OH 14863 GCDF
Michelle Merrett Hamilton, OH 14873 GCDF
Ellie Cichocki Nepoleon, OH 14884 GCDF
Stacey Spearman Boardman, OH 14959 GCDF
Dorothy Collins Youngstown, OH 14960 GCDF
Lana Snider Whitehouse, OH 14987 GCDF
Kimberly Depue Marietta, OH 15046 GCDF
Dusty Timmons Chagrin Falls, OH 15086 GCDF
Ashley Sweaney Columbus, OH 15178 GCDF
Martha Tanedo Chillicothe, OH 13659 GCDF
Carleen Beckermann Centerville, OH 13727 GCDF
Lisa Duke Fairborn, OH 13879 GCDF
Jane Csaszar Mentor, OH 13983 GCDF
Kim Greene Chardon, OH 13985 GCDF
Sandra Hanley Mentor, OH 13986 GCDF
Mary Dixon Wickliffe, OH 13989 GCDF
Christina Hardy Poland, OH 14021 GCDF
Kelly Jenkins Englewood, OH 14227 GCDF
Marygail Michalski Willoughby Hills, OH 14418 GCDF
Christine Yancey Franklin, OH 14483 GCDF
Nancy Clark Kettering, OH 14495 GCDF
Julie Szeltner North Olmsted, OH 14575 GCDF
Bailey Capelle Cleveland, OH 14576 GCDF
Linda Ross Lakewood, OH 14579 GCDF
Lori Scott Cleveland, OH 14580 GCDF
Michele Scott Taylor Lyndhurst, OH 14582 GCDF
Laura Ferrarelli Cincinnati, OH 14588 GCDF
Marquita Rockamore Cleveland, OH 11972 GCDF
Caitlin Williams North Ridgeville, OH 12045 GCDF
Julie Grubaugh Mount Vernon, OH 12586 GCDF
Lori Rudrick Fredricktown, OH 12587 GCDF
Rhonda Fannin Hillsboro, OH 12615 GCDF
Maria Selos Avon, OH 13002 GCDF
Dennis Joyce Fairview Park, OH 13061 GCDF
Maria Brathwaite Solon, OH 13191 GCDF
Lynn Leon Avon, OH 13200 GCDF
Farkad Mahli Westlake, OH 13355 GCDF
Lisa Grisez-Shullick Sheffield Village, OH 13475 GCDF
Helen McHenry Powell, OH 13537 GCDF
Victoria Billman Liberty Township, OH 10404 GCDF
Kevin Bonecutter Cincinnati, OH 10406 GCDF
Michael Cooper Cincinnati, OH 10411 GCDF
Christina Conover Batavia, OH 10514 GCDF
Cynthia McCabe Elyria, OH 10851 GCDF
Cynthia Harris Girard, OH 10882 GCDF
Jill Bernaciak Strongsville, OH 11001 GCDF
Sara Fugett Alliance, OH 11122 GCDF
Cynthia Marco-Scanlon Medina, OH 11188 GCDF
Susan Hoopes Chagrin Falls, OH 11212 GCDF
Noreen Swope Mentor, OH 11256 GCDF
Kimberly Moss Cleveland Heights, OH 13588 GCDF
Christine Muncy Clayton, OH 11428 GCDF
Stephanie Heidenreich Waynesville, OH 11675 GCDF
Cynthia Gilchrist Cleveland, OH 11941 GCDF
Gina Watts Columbus, OH 7317 GCDF
Elizabeth Gildone Strongsville, OH 9074 GCDF
Candace Knight Dublin, OH 9290 GCDF
Carol Wargo Columbus, OH 9747 GCDF
Jimmy Tyree University Heights, OH 5957 GCDF
John Geras Jr. Boardman, OH 6014 GCDF
Stacy Eleo Alonzo Medina, OH 6096 GCDF
Olga Medina Bay Village, OH 6580 GCDF
Tiffany Wanzo Springfield, OH 6886 GCDF
Robert Brown Groveport, OH 7139 GCDF
Susan Renick Grove City, OH 2135 GCDF
Jack Federan Bedford, OH 2191 GCDF
Michael Simpkins Reynoldsburg, OH 2697 GCDF
Christopher Wenz Wickliffe, OH 2900 GCDF

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