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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Emoke Sprinkle Medford, OR 1498 DCC
Lisa Anderson Eugene, OR 19 BCC
Catherine Wilson Portland, OR 163 BCC
Sheri Boone Portland, OR 167 BCC
Diana Kilinski Wilsonville, OR 213 BCC
Paula Altschul Portland, OR 327 BCC
Laura Crawshaw Portland, OR 411 BCC
Pamela Richarde Troutdale, OR 433 BCC
Jennifer Lilla Eugene, OR 781 BCC
Michele Rubino Portland, OR 863 BCC
Clarissa Steffen Springfield, OR 1003 BCC
Stephanie Lyon Medford, OR 1004 BCC
Cassandra Christiansen Bend, OR 1540 BCC
Lucinda Dahl Brightwood, OR 1719 BCC
Kathleen Polscer Portland, OR 1964 BCC
Robert Voyle Hillsboro, OR 1979 BCC
Carol McClelland Fields Corvallis, OR 2003 BCC
Ann Kelley Sunriver, OR 2099 BCC
Karen Howell Eugene, OR 2315 BCC
Dana Rayburn Medford , OR 2987 BCC
Rebecca Hufford Oregon City, OR 3200 BCC
Janet Jacobs Ashland, OR 3291 BCC
Lisa Bennett Springfield, OR 3521 BCC
Maggie Steele Portland, OR 3572 BCC
Jessica Janovicz West Linn, OR 3626 BCC
Linda Carroll Corvallis, OR 3706 BCC
Deborah Orandon Portland , OR 3250 BCC
Jerry Ryan Oregon City, OR 150 BC-TMH
Susan Stuntzner Coos Bay, OR 24 BC-TMH
Priya Thiele Eugene, OR 292 BC-TMH
Chrystal Nelthropp Portland, OR 447 BC-TMH
Nessa Elila Portland, OR 588 BC-TMH
Miriam Robinson Portland, OR 1512 BC-TMH
Ashley Bryant Mustang, OR 1514 BC-TMH
Lilli Ohse Yachats, OR 923 BC-TMH
Craig Wickenberg Lake Oswego, OR 1059 BC-TMH
Leanne Schamp Corvallis, OR 1315 BC-TMH
Sally Van Meter Portland, OR 508 BC-TMH
Deborah Orandon West Linn, OR 615 BC-TMH
Lior Azen Corvallis, OR 566 BC-TMH
Nancy Stoutenburg Portland, OR 719 BC-TMH
Victoria Wisdom Salem, OR 1596 BC-TMH
Christopher Cooper Silverton, OR 1663 BC-TMH
Zoe Pearson McMinnville, OR 135 ACS
Kiri Horsey Salem, OR 2773 ACS
Adam Goddard Albany, OR 2874 ACS
Norman Thiesen Portland, OR 203 ACS
Christine Turner Lake Oswego, OR 400 ACS
Amy Ford LaPine, OR 496 ACS
Lisa Aasheim Beaverton, OR 500 ACS
Douglas Chapman Portland, OR 676 ACS
Michelle Cox Stayton, OR 762 ACS
Portia Sipes Portland, OR 770 ACS
Margaret Eichler Portland, OR 851 ACS
Daniel Sweeney Newberg, OR 879 ACS
Ryan Melton Roseburg, OR 1066 ACS
Mary Aguilera Salem, OR 992 ACS
Diana Milia Oregon City, OR 993 ACS
Catherine Stauffer Hines, OR 1032 ACS
Janis Crawford Portland, OR 1047 ACS
Faith Winters Beaverton, OR 1064 ACS
Barrett Flesh Bend, OR 1128 ACS
Alan Ledford Medford, OR 1372 ACS
Lance Dickison Grants Pass, OR 1426 ACS
Ryan Reese Bend, OR 1494 ACS
Sarah Dobey Portland, OR 3108 ACS
Julie Reinhart Bend, OR 1748 ACS
Arien Muzacz Salem, OR 2032 ACS
Catherine Adler Ashland, OR 2070 ACS
Deah Partak Portland, OR 2152 ACS
A Nicole La Verne Lake Oswego, OR 2237 ACS
Lisa Schulz Corrallis, OR 2263 ACS
David Corse Tualatin, OR 2267 ACS
Erika Myers Bend, OR 2281 ACS
Sara Accordino Teaneck, OR 2352 ACS
Lydia Gutierrez Salem, OR 2380 ACS
Kok-Mun Ng Philomath, OR 2430 ACS
Leanne Schamp Salem, OR 2484 ACS
Victor Chang Ashland, OR 2492 ACS
Ryan Cheney Bend, OR 2529 ACS
Jennifer Eaton-McNabb Canby, OR 2604 ACS
Rebecca Paust Portland, OR 2585 ACS
Jennifer Rees Oregon City, OR 2899 ACS
Deidre Gestrin Baker City, OR 3120 ACS
Althea Herrell Marcola, OR 3305 ACS
Angela Cumming Hood River, OR 3232 ACS
Andrew Garland-Forshee Beaverton, OR 379 HSBCP
Jodiann Harvey Bend, OR 686 HSBCP
Eli Ettinger Portland, OR 1730 HSBCP
Heather Philp Medford, OR 800 HSBCP
Ruth Bichsel Cottage Grove, OR 844 HSBCP
Rinda Jarvis Gold Hill, OR 967 HSBCP
Shoshana Kerewsky Eugene, OR 8 HSBCP
Toni Fudge Eugene, OR 1129 HSBCP
Vicki Allen Nyssa, OR 261 HSBCP
Erin Holbrook-Kosgei Salem, OR 12178 GCDF
Steven Hickson Albany, OR 13123 GCDF
June Dressler Forest Grove, OR 198 GCDF
Lisa Anderson Eugene, OR 925 GCDF
Rosalie Galliher Springfield, OR 1633 GCDF
Cora Davis Monmouth, OR 2056 GCDF
Thomas Suing Keizer, OR 2575 GCDF
A Veronica Murray Salem, OR 2588 GCDF
William McElroy Salem, OR 2589 GCDF
Wendy Cody Johnson Salem, OR 3793 GCDF
Toni DePeel Gladstone, OR 6955 GCDF
Cheryl Amundson-Renton Gresham, OR 7167 GCDF
Angela Doty Eugene, OR 8763 GCDF
Haydee Goldenberg Portland, OR 8799 GCDF
Thomas Ayala Lebanon, OR 10450 GCDF
Cynthia Cameron Medford, OR 10755 GCDF
Diane Jantze Tigard, OR 12058 GCDF
Teri Berry La Grande, OR 12070 GCDF
Stephanie Smolen Redmond, OR 12172 GCDF
Jeanette Sharinghousen Klamath Falls, OR 12177 GCDF
Tina Carpenter Coos Bay, OR 12298 GCDF
Renita-Jan Brown-Anderson Milwaukie, OR 12301 GCDF
Kristine Deardorff Gladstone, OR 12348 GCDF
David Mills Jr North Bend, OR 12349 GCDF
John Bauman Medford, OR 12351 GCDF
Faith Coleman Salem, OR 12763 GCDF
Carol Ochsner Salem, OR 12839 GCDF
Debra Sanchez Gresham, OR 12865 GCDF
Tracy Dula Bend, OR 12970 GCDF
Melissa Robinson Portland, OR 14224 GCDF
Diana Kalanquin Bend, OR 14321 GCDF
Joanna Abbott Corvallis, OR 14722 GCDF
Jennifer Edwards Corvallis, OR 14744 GCDF
Richard Vicenzi Beaverton, OR 14769 GCDF
Carolyn Killefer Corvallis, OR 14868 GCDF
Diane Hass Independence, OR 15179 GCDF
Rachel Finch Corvallis, OR 15240 GCDF
Yuliya Dennis Corvallis, OR 15495 GCDF
Pamela Slinker Klamath Falls, OR 15693 GCDF
Molly Triplett Beaverton, OR 16570 GCDF
Hannah Seagrave Hillsboro, OR 16617 GCDF
Tzu-Chin (Claire) Wu Corvallis, OR 16778 GCDF
Melissa Vieira Beaverton, OR 16784 GCDF
Dan Ziriax Salem, OR 16806 GCDF
Tawnya Dexter Damascus, OR 16825 GCDF

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