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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Mary Wolf Sioux Falls, SD 1181 BCC
Laurie Nelson-Moe Sioux Falls, SD 1935 BCC
Billie Streufert Sioux Falls, SD 2213 BCC
Jill Thorngren Brookings, SD 3639 BCC
Rita Hansen Sioux Falls, SD 225 BC-TMH
Jessica Haefner Mobridge, SD 432 BC-TMH
Linda Richardson Beresford, SD 151 BC-TMH
Nicole McMillin Sioux Falls, SD 832 BC-TMH
Amanda Lautenschlager Aberdeen, SD 986 BC-TMH
Steven Herr Sioux Falls, SD 1079 BC-TMH
Laith Gulli Hot Springs, SD 1184 BC-TMH
Tandra Baker Sioux Falls, SD 1597 BC-TMH
Jill Schoen Mansfield, SD 153 ACS
Sherwood Schrenk Aberdeen, SD 644 ACS
Kelly Bass Sioux Falls, SD 720 ACS
Mary Guth Sioux Falls, SD 963 ACS
Amy Hartman Sioux Falls, SD 996 ACS
Tamra Ambroson Yankton, SD 1117 ACS
Sherry Bartels Sioux Falls, SD 1130 ACS
Benjamin Kohls Sioux Falls, SD 1132 ACS
Phillip Waalkes Vermillion, SD 2301 ACS
Carolyn Killefer Brookings, SD 14868 GCDF

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