Assessments and Examinations

Norma Day-Vines
“It’s a standardized exam that has recognition and merit in the [profession] of counseling.”

Norma Day-Vines, Ph.D., DCC

CCE offers advanced psychometric and exam development services including:

  • Reliability Analyses
  • Item level Analyses
  • Item Response Theory (IRT)
  • Classical Test Theory (CTT)
  • Job Analyses
  • Test Blueprint Development
  • Construct Development and Identification
  • Item Writing Management
  • Item Banking
  • Identification and Management of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Alternate Form Development and Equivalency
  • Differential Item Functioning (DIF) Analyses

Our mission is to advance professions by promoting and developing culturally fair and psychometrically sound assessments that not only measure the mastery of professional knowledge and skills, but also inspire change and advancement in practice.

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