Exam Appeals

CCE reviews all Examination Appeals in the order in which they are received in accordance with the Examination Appeals Policy. CCE must receive this information within one week of sitting for the exam. Only valid challenges submitted in a timely, complete, and accurate manner will be considered for review.

In order to properly review and address this challenge, you must submit the following information in a complete and accurate manner:

Examination Challenge Form

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Certification | Licensure

Did you take the examination for certification or state licensure?

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Examination Administration Challenges. An examinee may challenge a failing test result where the examinee believes that a test administration condition negatively affected his/her ability to complete or pass the examination (administration challenge). Such challenges are limited to examinee complaints regarding physical test site conditions, test computer equipment, test administration procedures, or the conduct of test center personnel or others present during the test administration.

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Special Accommodation Challenge. An examinee may challenge an alleged failure to provide an approved special testing accommodation during the test administration (accommodation challenge). CCE will not accept an accommodation challenge concerning a testing accommodation that was not previously approved by CCE or the appropriate state regulatory board.

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Examination Content Challenge. An examinee may challenge one or more specific examination items and/or answers as inaccurate or incorrect, where the examinee believes that his/her failure to receive credit for such items and/or answers caused the examinee to fail the examination (content challenge).

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You must confirm that you have read the relevant examination handbook prior to submitting your appeal. If you have not read the handbook, you must do so in order for your examination challenge to be considered.

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