Become a CCE Continuing Education Provider (CEP)

CCE Continuing Education Providers (CEPs) play an important role in the Center for Credentialing & Education’s mission and work by offering high caliber educational courses that credential holders can rely on.

Continuing education (CE) is required to maintain credentials, and finding quality programs can be a challenge. Our CCE CEPs meet this need for credential holders, making it easy to find reliable continuing education programs.

Consider being a part of this elite group by becoming a CCE CEP today!

CCE CEPs can offer CCE CE credit only for live event programs, including real-time interactive programs and in-service programs presented in person or by electronic means that permit the participant to communicate and interact with the presenter(s).

  • Each continuing education program must be submitted in a separate application and must be reviewed and approved by CCE prior to being offered for CCE CE credit. If approved by CCE, the program may be offered for CCE CE credit for the duration of 1 year following the approval date, conditioned upon no material change to the program and compliance with all policy requirements.
  • Following the expiration or termination of program approval, a provider may reapply for approval. In order to maintain uninterrupted approval, the provider must submit a new application at least 60 days prior to the program approval expiration date, including all required and supporting materials, and all fees and costs related to the single program application.
  • CCE retains the sole authority and discretion to approve, reject, or condition a program for CCE CE credit.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for CCE CEP program approval, a provider must satisfy the following program eligibility requirements:

  1. The provider must satisfy all requirements, agreements, and instructions.
  2. The content and quality of the program satisfy and are consistent with all CCE requirements, agreements, and instructions.
  3. The program presenters satisfy all requirements, agreements, and instructions, including rules concerning presenter qualifications, knowledge, and performance.
  4. The provider designates an authorized representative to communicate and cooperate with CCE concerning all matters related to the requested single program approval.
  5. The provider submits a completed and accurate single program application to CCE including all required information, materials, and fees. All such application materials become the property of CCE, and application fees are not refundable.


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Program Size



Submission Requirements

Small Program

17 or fewer sessions or workshops for review


Application must be received 60 days prior to program date.

Large Program

18 or more sessions or workshops for review


Application must be received 90 days prior to program date.

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