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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Ann Flaherty Greensboro, NC 4 BCC
Joyce Richman Greensboro, NC 48 BCC
J Scott Hinkle Asheville, NC 51 BCC
Marcee Rollandini Emerald Isle, NC 70 BCC
Derenda Petersen West Jefferson, NC 88 BCC
Brenda Moon High Point, NC 95 BCC
Rebecca Dumlao Raleigh, NC 121 BCC
Judy Aanstad Winston-Salem, NC 131 BCC
Shirley Carr Greensboro, NC 141 BCC
Cornelia Grant Raleigh, NC 173 BCC
Louise Lampron-Welker Greensboro, NC 184 BCC
Emily Smith Greensboro, NC 189 BCC
Lizzie Branch Raleigh, NC 197 BCC
Michelle Gross Winston-Salem, NC 211 BCC
Victoria Guthrie Greensboro, NC 225 BCC
Jane Walter Greensboro, NC 229 BCC
Elizabeth Dixson Raleigh, NC 230 BCC
Melvin Asbury Greensboro, NC 234 BCC
Marianne Schubert Winston-Salem, NC 236 BCC
Grinnell Morris Jr Chapel Hill, NC 238 BCC
Catherine Jourdan Winston-Salem, NC 242 BCC
William Morley Chapel Hill, NC 247 BCC
Kenneth Mitchell Durham, NC 254 BCC
Susan Pinsker Greensboro, NC 255 BCC
Sylvia Black Chapel Hill, NC 262 BCC
Ronald Davis Yadkinville, NC 263 BCC
Roger Pearman Winston-Salem, NC 273 BCC
Robert Dickinson Colfax, NC 275 BCC
Evelyn Morales High Point, NC 278 BCC
Richard Martin Winston-Salem, NC 308 BCC
Scottie Hogg Garner, NC 315 BCC
Judith Pliner Chapel Hill, NC 330 BCC
Vicky Larkin Greensboro, NC 338 BCC
Peter Hazelrigg Greensboro, NC 398 BCC
Janet Slack Hendersonville, NC 443 BCC
James Smith High Point, NC 451 BCC
Lois Koufman Winston-Salem, NC 456 BCC
Pamela Corbett Winston-Salem, NC 457 BCC
Michael Hoppe Chapel Hill, NC 458 BCC
Catherine Wineburg Greensboro, NC 464 BCC
Thomas Dougherty Winston-Salem, NC 468 BCC
Lee Anzaldi Mint Hill, NC 486 BCC
James Phillis Hendersonville, NC 481 BCC
Rex Gatto Pinehurst, NC 495 BCC
Beverly Lewinski Tryon, NC 524 BCC
Johannes Naude Greensboro, NC 527 BCC
Deborah Fernandez Cary, NC 548 BCC
Sue Rose Mocksville, NC 551 BCC
Melissa Clodfelter Winston-Salem, NC 561 BCC
David Gilmore Midland, NC 563 BCC
Peggy Bradt Leland, NC 564 BCC
Tammie Brettschneider Fleetwood, NC 603 BCC
Susan Williams Jamestown, NC 621 BCC
Cheryl Scanlan Raleigh, NC 636 BCC
Elizabeth Bridges High Point, NC 657 BCC
Jessi LaCosta Pittsboro, NC 685 BCC
Linda Kuhar Charlotte, NC 748 BCC
Huldah Ritchie Raleigh, NC 762 BCC
Angel Nix Concord, NC 859 BCC
Cindy Haeck Wilmington, NC 876 BCC
Camille Wilson Huntersville, NC 895 BCC
Joyce White Lexington, NC 948 BCC
Angela Lewis Fayetteville, NC 1057 BCC
Lisa Allen Charlotte, NC 1072 BCC
Christopher Gambill Winston-Salem, NC 1096 BCC
Tomi Bryan Greensboro, NC 1098 BCC
William Osborne Greensboro, NC 1141 BCC
Candia Dye Franklin, NC 1142 BCC
Kate Panzer Greensboro, NC 1157 BCC
Jane Griffiths Raleigh, NC 1193 BCC
Joanne Cox Belmont, NC 1225 BCC
Carol Jones Fayetteville, NC 1232 BCC
Roxanne Gilgallon Summerfield, NC 1233 BCC
Laura Wimbish Pittsboro, NC 1257 BCC
Mary Braswell Greensboro, NC 1303 BCC
Thomas Hamilton Charlotte, NC 1335 BCC
Michelle Stewart Mooresville, NC 1342 BCC
Jane Waller Archdale, NC 1344 BCC
Rebecca Lowry Clemmons, NC 1355 BCC
Iris Goodrum Huntersville, NC 1362 BCC
Betsy Joseph Chapel Hill, NC 1368 BCC
Larry Williamson Rocky Mount, NC 1396 BCC
Jennifer Sharpless Charlotte, NC 1408 BCC
Miranda Pearson Benson, NC 1433 BCC
Christie Mabry Raleigh, NC 1467 BCC
Linda Evans Garner, NC 1477 BCC
Sharon Ting Greensboro, NC 1489 BCC
Anne Doster Raleigh, NC 1491 BCC
Gwen Simmons Vass, NC 1590 BCC
Donna Burick Greensboro, NC 1623 BCC
Amy Goldstein Raleigh, NC 1695 BCC
Catherine Parham Apex, NC 1718 BCC
Terri Springer Winston-Salem, NC 1724 BCC
Rodney Harris Wake Forest, NC 1775 BCC
J Radov Martin Raleigh, NC 1787 BCC
Sandra Foster Rutherfordton, NC 1793 BCC
Janice Black Winston-Salem, NC 1831 BCC
Angela Rosenberg Pittsboro, NC 1834 BCC
Archie Bost Raleigh, NC 1874 BCC
Monica Rivers Durham, NC 1913 BCC
Jaime Lee Gould Winston-Salem, NC 1968 BCC
Amena McShea Etowah, NC 2114 BCC
John Bennett Charlotte, NC 2121 BCC
Chauntel Summers Springlake, NC 2129 BCC
Michelle Ellwanger Hickory, NC 2359 BCC
Leslie Petruk Charlotte, NC 2368 BCC
Roseann Grob Fayetteville, NC 2426 BCC
Cheryl Mastroeni-Thacker Franklin, NC 2438 BCC
Larry Veatch Mars Hill, NC 2446 BCC
Laverne Hanes-Collins Greensboro, NC 2551 BCC
Barbara Demarest Greensboro , NC 1535 BCC
Nanci Appleman-Vassil Raleigh, NC 2561 BCC
Kimberly Allen Raleigh , NC 2581 BCC
Rhonda York Charlotte, NC 2618 BCC
Kari Lewis Raleigh, NC 2628 BCC
Valerie McMurray Charlotte, NC 2667 BCC
Barbara Hunter Apex, NC 2681 BCC
Peter Metzner Chapel Hill, NC 2689 BCC
Judith Holder-Cooper Durham , NC 2701 BCC
Halona Patrick-Shaw Chapel Hill, NC 2715 BCC
Mary Howerton Charlotte , NC 2731 BCC
Jo Ann Skinner Wilmington, NC 2739 BCC
Enausa Davis Fayetteville , NC 2825 BCC
Patrick Callahan Fayetteville , NC 2881 BCC
Billie Crutcher Hope Mills , NC 2884 BCC
Jerome Allen Pine Level , NC 2901 BCC
Cathia Friou Charlotte , NC 2708 BCC
Ann Kreindler Siegel Charlotte, NC 2932 BCC
Coleen McCray Clemmons, NC 3001 BCC
Brenda Wensil Charlotte, NC 3024 BCC
Lucia Galleno Charlotte, NC 3051 BCC
Stephanie Lischke Summerfield, NC 3071 BCC
Diane Weekley Charlotte, NC 3142 BCC
Elizabeth Huebner Durham, NC 3186 BCC
Larry Glover-Wetherington Durham, NC 3189 BCC
Amanda King Shevette Rutherfordton, NC 3236 BCC
Daniel Hawkins Cornelius, NC 3247 BCC
Lucy Wellmaker Greensboro, NC 3351 BCC
Linda Smith Winston-Salem, NC 3366 BCC
Mary Katherine McNeely Charlotte, NC 3389 BCC
Michelle Bostian Greensboro, NC 3395 BCC
Lenore Vitale-Sadej Waxhaw, NC 3410 BCC
Lisa Medley Mount Holly, NC 3427 BCC
Thyrone Barrett Jr Mint Hill, NC 3446 BCC
Bria Sledge Raleigh, NC 3456 BCC
Louise Korver Huntersville, NC 3466 BCC
Melissa McLamb Dunn, NC 3468 BCC
Michael Howard Jacksonville, NC 3502 BCC
Kristy Busija Charlotte, NC 3504 BCC
Bryony Crain Raleigh, NC 3624 BCC
Diana Paige Bentley Winston-Salem, NC 3631 BCC
Doreen Kelly Raleigh, NC 3653 BCC
Mark Staal Southern Pines, NC 3698 BCC
Kristin Woolley Southern Pines, NC 3736 BCC
Barbara Thompson Fayetteville, NC 3739 BCC
Allison Navarro Charlotte, NC 3766 BCC
Cheryl Novak Southport, NC 3834 BCC
Melanie Woodard Greensboro, NC 3890 BCC
Patrick Mumford Charlotte, NC 3900 BCC
Barbara Lowe Durham, NC 3910 BCC
Heidi Gessner Durham, NC 3915 BCC
Jennifer Johnson Wilmington, NC 3925 BCC
Amber Harkey Wake Forest, NC 3948 BCC
Margaret Flournoy Chapel Hill, NC 3949 BCC
Noel Burt Henderson, NC 4004 BCC
Tymeka Whiteside Morrisville, NC 4010 BCC

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