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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Lisa Anderson Eugene, OR 925 GCDF
Cora Davis Monmouth, OR 2056 GCDF
Toni DePeel Gladstone, OR 6955 GCDF
Angela Doty Eugene, OR 8763 GCDF
Haydee Goldenberg Portland, OR 8799 GCDF
Cheryl Amundson-Renton Gresham, OR 7167 GCDF
Wendy Cody Johnson Salem, OR 3793 GCDF
Thomas Ayala Lebanon, OR 10450 GCDF
Cynthia Cameron Medford, OR 10755 GCDF
Diane Jantze Tigard, OR 12058 GCDF
Teri Berry La Grande, OR 12070 GCDF
Jeanette Sharinghousen Klamath Falls, OR 12177 GCDF
Erin Holbrook-Kosgei Salem, OR 12178 GCDF
Renita-Jan Brown-Anderson Milwaukie, OR 12301 GCDF
David Mills Jr North Bend, OR 12349 GCDF
Faith Coleman Salem, OR 12763 GCDF
Carol Ochsner Salem, OR 12839 GCDF
Rebecca Barton Sherwood, OR 12843 GCDF
Debra Sanchez Gresham, OR 12865 GCDF
Tracy Dula Bend, OR 12970 GCDF
Steven Hickson Albany, OR 13123 GCDF
Diana Kalanquin Bend, OR 14321 GCDF
Richard Vicenzi Beaverton, OR 14769 GCDF
Diane Hass Independence, OR 15179 GCDF
Rachel Finch Corvallis, OR 15240 GCDF
Yuliya Dennis Corvallis, OR 15495 GCDF
Pamela Slinker Klamath Falls, OR 15693 GCDF
Thomas Suing Keizer, OR 2575 GCDF
A Veronica Murray Salem, OR 2588 GCDF
William McElroy Salem, OR 2589 GCDF
Rosalie Galliher Springfield, OR 1633 GCDF
Melissa Vieira Beaverton, OR 16784 GCDF
Sheri Mascorro Milwaukie, OR 16789 GCDF
Dan Ziriax Salem, OR 16806 GCDF
Tawnya Dexter Damascus, OR 16825 GCDF
Heidi Wright Beaverton, OR 17464 GCDF

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