FAQ Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed here, please contact CCE at credentialinfo@cce-global.org

The application fee is a processing and review fee. Your application must be reviewed to ensure that you meet all the requirements. The review process takes approximately 15 business days after the date of your fee posting. You will receive a status email following review of your application.

When the application review process is complete, CCE will send email notification of status to the applicant.

The application will be placed back in queue for a second review when the requested documentation arrives. You will need to allow another 10 days from the date it is received. For this reason, it is best to include all required documentation with the initial application.

CCE holds applications open for a three-year period. During that time, applicants have the opportunity to rectify any deficiencies.

Each credential requires its own documentation (e.g., transcript) to fulfill the education requirement. We cannot pull a transcript from another file. Specific information from a transcript is needed for each credential.

Teaching a class on clinical supervision will not count. Specialized training must be supervision training that you have received.

Yes, we do accept documents through our secure fax. The fax number is on the application and notices. Please only fax once OR mail to avoid duplicate charges.

The person who verifies direct mental health experience does not have to be a licensed mental health provider or a clinical supervisor. We accept verification from an administrator, agency director, human resources director, university department chair, hospital supervisor, etc.

If you are in private practice, a partner, associate, human resources director, or corporate officer can complete your mental health experience forms on behalf of the agency. You can also have a previous employer/supervisor complete the form for post-master’s experience. The endorser for clinical supervision must be an NCC, licensed mental health provider, or licensed supervisor. In addition, the person must have completed clinical supervision training.

The annual maintenance fee is $50. Each year, annual fee notices are sent about six weeks prior to the due date based on the credentialing month. Credential holders who do not receive an annual fee notification should contact CCE.

If CCE does not receive payment by the due date, a late fee will be assessed. If complete payment is not received by the final due date, the credential will expire. In order to reinstate an expired credential, you will need to submit a reinstatement application, documentation of 20 hours of continuing education within the last five years, a fee of $50, and full payment of any past-due fees. Contact us to determine past due amount owed.

The ACS credential is valid for five years. At that time, you are required to recredential if you would like to maintain the credential.

We accept certificates of attendance or completion, letters of verification, transcripts, or grade reports.

In total, 20 clock hours of continuing education specific to clinical supervision are required. Continuing education must be earned through an approved method and fall within at least one of the nine clinical supervision competency areas listed below:

  • Roles and functions of clinical supervisors
  • Models of clinical supervision
  • Mental health–related professional development
  • Methods and techniques in clinical supervision
  • Supervisory relationship issues
  • Cultural issues in clinical supervision
  • Group supervision
  • Legal and ethical issues in clinical supervision
  • Evaluation of supervisee competence and the supervision process

The following checklist will assist in determining if an activity meets ACS continuing education guidelines and can be used for recredentialing. You should be able to answer yes to the following questions if you wish to use an activity for recredentialing requirements.

  • Does the content of the activity fall within an ACS competency area?
  • Is the activity geared toward professionals in the field of clinical supervision?
  • Does the activity enhance your role as a clinical supervisor?
  • If it was a teleconference, was there an opportunity to interact with an instructor or facilitator?
  • Was the activity completed during the current five-year credentialing period?
  • Does the training provider have formal education, expertise, or credentialing in any of the competency areas addressed?

Not unless selected for continuing education audit. Credential holders who are randomly selected for audit will be notified when they receive their recredentialing notice.

If you would like to recredential but find that you are short on the required 20 continuing education hours, return your signed recredentialing notice form and fee payment with an attached letter requesting an extension. Specify the reasons you were unable to complete the hours, how many hours you have completed, and how much time you anticipate needing. We will respond by email regarding your request.

You will need to submit a reinstatement application, documentation of 20 hours of continuing education within the last five years, a fee of $50, and full payment of any past-due fees.

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