Taiwan Global Career Development Facilitator

Taiwan Taipei

Hwa Kang Xing-Ye Foundation (HKXF)

The GCDF credential was first introduced in Taiwan in 2010. The Hwa Kang Xing-Ye Foundation (HKXF) is the sole provider of the GCDF credential in Taiwan. All inquiries concerning the GCDF Credential in Taiwan should be made to the Hwa Kang Xing-Ye Foundation.


Hwa Kang Xing-Ye Foundation
No. 231 Jian-guo South Rd, Section 2
Taipei, Da'an District 10601


Primary Contact: Andy Lu
Phone: +886 2 2700 5858 #8179
E-mail: jfyu@sce.pccu.edu.tw
Website: http://www.gcdf.com.tw

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