Board of Directors

The primary purposes of the Board, on behalf of CCE certificants and stakeholders are to:

  • Develop CCE policy
  • Provide strategic direction to CCE;
  • Ensure appropriate results for stakeholders and the public
  • Ensure that CCE operates within standard business practices.

Lela Kosteck Bunch, PhD, NCC, LPC
Jefferson City, Missouri

Vice Chair
Keith Dempsey, PhD, LPC
Portland, Oregon

Past Chair
Peggy Bloom, PhD, NCC
Fox Point, Wisconsin

Kim Jackson-Allen, EdD, NCC, NCSC
Savannah, Georgia

Joel Diambra, EdD, NCC, AS, LPC-MHSP
Knoxville, Tennessee

Public Member
Mel Asbury, BCC, MSIR, SPHR
Greensboro, North Carolina

Public Member
Marian King, MA
Greensboro, North Carolina

Public Member
Selena Tan, BCC, SPHR
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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